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Justin Baker Artist
Justin Baker

Justin Baker

Jeanne Finley

Magdalena Hardek

Tom Koken

Dorothea Osborn

Joe Ulrich


RVE Warehouse District's first Group Show will highlight recent works from a diverse range of established and emerging artists in many mediums, particularly painting, photography, collage, assemblage and video.

Justin Baker: I see this body of work as an extension of a preceding project 'A Death In The Family'. The difference being primarily in the technical approach of making the photograph. In working on 'A Death In The Family' as just a black and white film project I wanted to add color and atmosphere. The atmospheric idea I was thinking about was more based on a chemical process that I wanted to achieve in experimenting with older film processes. In interjecting this alchemic process I wanted to introduce the possibilty of chance into the imagery.

Jeanne Finley: All is ephemeral, including pixels; thus all is timeless. Nothing lasts forever. Except when you press the shutter. A photographer directly engages with two fundamental elements of physical existence: light and time. So I've found that all documentary photographs, which are supposed to show current reality, are themselves artifacts from the moment they’re exposed, thus any print made from them is historical, and makes only one instant visible––not enough for a narrative, perhaps only enough to become what Dorothea Lange called a “second looker.” I hope some of my photos will be second lookers for you.

Magdalena Hardek: I was born in Poland. I came to the United States in 1998. My work as an artist is mainly concentrated in the mediums of video, performance and music. I enjoy fashion, art, film, design, minimalism and the ocean.

Tom Koken: Tom’s work has been described as luminous and cerebral with a unique emphasis on deriving from nature and patterns, using techniques of deconstruction and assemblage of known subject matter to create a new visual form. "I’m interested in a delicate balance of opposites. All kinds of opposites – chaos vs order, boredom vs excitement, beauty vs dullness, foreground vs background, representational vs abstract, flatness vs. dimensionality." -T.K.

Dorothea Osborn: Dorothea's recent body of work ranges from hybrid pieces, using oils, mixed media and sculptural materials. She generally commences a piece by using imagery from memories and or everyday experiences while also incorporating themes of spirituality, dichotomies, time, and the Anthropocene. Consequently, her work blurs the boundaries of representation and abstraction as well as the liminal space between painting and sculpture. Dorothea Osborn received her MFA from the State University of New York at New Paltz, Magna cum Laude.

Joe Ulrich:
Joe's work integrates spare design with classic line structure, at times with subtle text or subliminal organic shapes to aid in cognitive interpretation. Joe embraces contrasts of light and dark and saturated colors. His socially conscious themes reflect his cynical outlook of humankind’s antagonistic struggles with power and complacency, hypocrisy and truism, anarchy and conformity, patriotism and uber-fundamentalism. Joe's background is in print advertising, marketing, and environmental science.

Recto y Verso EDITIONS, Inc. is a gallery for Poets and Artists founded in July 2017 by poet Christian Ortega as a wild experiment to facilitate a creative dialogue between the Literary Arts and the Visual Arts.

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